The AI companion for the elderly

Your digital best friend at the touch of a button

Meet Cassie

Designed specifically for the elderly, Cassie is by your side 24/7. Cassie can converse, keep you safe with built in safety assistance, make suggestions, play games, empathise and more.

Chat with Cassie now! The more you talk to her, the smarter she becomes. 

Supporting Healthier & Happier Ageing

Cassie can support your journey towards independent aging, by helping to alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation through laughter, knowledge and friendship.
Simple to use and intuitive, Cassie offers a seamless, natural, and personalized interaction tailored to your unique needs.

Elder peopple on mobile

Engage in meaningful conversations with a compassionate companion who listens to your stories, learns from your preferences, and adapts to your unique personality. Cassie is more than just technology; she’s a friend who understands you.

Whether it’s offering words of encouragement, telling jokes, or simply being a listening ear, Cassie is there to uplift spirits and reduce feelings of isolation. Cassie is capable of recognizing and responding to emotions.

Elevate your well-being with Cassie, from medication reminders, recipe suggestions to exercise routines, Cassie tailors each aspect to you. As your well-being ally, she also champions mental wellness through mindfulness and stress-reduction exercises.

Rest easy knowing that Cassie is here for you. Equipped with a safety alert system, if Cassie doesn’t hear from you for 72 hours, she’ll send an alert to your designated contact to let them know.

Access a suite of games, poems and more designed specifically for elderly individuals, including those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia to help stimulate cognitive function promoting mental agility and memory retention.

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